Multi-Agency Coordinating Center key to success of FIBA World Cup 2023
Published on September 8, 2023

Last March, President Ferdinand R. Marcos issued Administrative Order No. 5, creating an inter-agency task force to prepare for the country’s hosting of the FIBA World Cup 2023 (FIBA WC 2023). With all-out government support, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the grandest basketball event entered the final stages of planning with full confidence and faith that it would get the required cooperation and logistical support needed to implement its master plan.

About three weeks prior to the opening of FIBA WC 2023, the Multi-Agency Coordinating Center (MACC) was established, to serve as the main headquarters for all issues, concerns, and matters surrounding the staging. The Philippine Sports Commission, under Chairman Dicky Bachmann, who was part of the LOC prior to his appointment, spearheaded the setup of the MACC at the MMDA Office along Julia Vargas Ave. in Pasig City and also facilitated the documentary requirements of all participants and delegates.

The core group of the MACC was composed of dedicated units of the Philippine National Police (PNP), such as the Highway Patrol Group, Police Security and Protection Group, Aviation Security Group, Special Action Force, EOD- K9, Maritime Group, Health Services, Intelligence Group, and the four Metro Manila Police Districts, among others. These PNP units were ably complemented by other government agencies like the different concerned local government units, MMDA, BFP, Office of Civil Defense, and National Intelligence Coordinating Agency.

Under the able leadership of PBGen. Jose Melencio Corpuz Nartatez, Jr., NCRPO regional director, the MACC was set up to serve as a command center, providing real-time monitoring of key roads, venue surroundings, safety and security deployments, traffic management, transportation movement, and other FIBA WC 2023-related concerns.

From the MACC, regular updates, communications, and instructions were cascaded to all members of all agencies in a timely and efficient manner. Since the MACC is composed of many agencies, its members have been holding daily inter-agency meetings, critiques, and debriefings in order to discuss and assess all activities, issues, and concerns, as well as to identify best practices for future references and templates.

David Crocker, Executive Director of FIBA WC 2023, and key personalities in the LOC, such as Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) President Al Panlilio and FIBA WC 2023 Event Director Sonny Barrios, Deputy Event Director Erika Dy, and Messrs. Ramon “Tats” Suzara and Ryan Gregorio, would also be present to provide reports, input, and suggestions.

During the frequent powwows, members of the MACC always stressed the importance of working together towards a common goal — the successful hosting of the FIBA WC 2023. As expected, the entire group recognized the importance of the task and each participant was willing to do their part without hesitation and with full concentration.

Because of the common mindset, the existence of the MACC has helped to achieve what has been a more than satisfactory implementation of the plans that the LOC had set in place months prior. FIBA delegates and LOC officials alike have expressed appreciation for the efforts of the entire MACC organization

“The MACC has been key to keep our transportation services safe and seamless throughout the tournament. We are very privileged to have been allowed to use the MMDA’s state-of-the-art facility and be led by the very best from the agencies involved in this project,” said Dy.

PCol. Aleto Jerremy E. Mirasol (Ret.), the LOC’s representative to the MACC, has also received feedback that the MACC has been doing an impressive job so far. “We hope to maintain that level of service and performance up until the closing ceremonies [on September 10],” he added.